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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an IME?
The term " I M E " is an acronym for Independent Medical Evaluation, and refers to any psychiatric or medical evaluation performed by a "neutral" practitioner who has no treatment, financial, or professional relationship with the examinee or the examinee's care givers.

Why are IMEs performed?
IMEs are typically requested by insurance companies to independently evaluate disability status and/or appropriateness and need for treatment issues. Similarly, HMOs and PPOs will also sometimes request that an IME be performed on a member or recipient of benefits.

Why are IMEs Necessary?
Insurance companies must periodically perform IMEs in disability cases to corroborate disability status and make sure benefit recipients are under the care of a physician and are being appropriately treated. Without the IME process, it would be impossible for insurers to offer disability coverage.

Helpful Links and Resources:
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  • Archives of Neurology: American Medical Association
    The journal is dedicated to publishing scientific information useful to physicians caring for people with neurological disorders. It offers online abstracts and tables of contents.

  • Journal of Contemporary Neurology
    Access abstracts from this Massachusetts Institute of Technology journal on clinical and research topics in human neurology, neuroscience and related fields.

  • Journal of Neuroscience
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  • Learning Guide for the Human Brain
    Browse through a collection of learning modules that focus on different aspects of the human brain. Click your mouse on any part of the picture, and the name of the structure you have designated appears along with an explanation.

  • Neurocase Online
    This is the online version of the journal Neurocase, which publishes case studies in neuropsychology, neuropsychiatry and behavioral neurology. It offers tables of contents, abstracts and some full-text articles dating to 1996.

  • Whole Brain Atlas at Harvard
    Take a tour of what lies between the ears with this detailed anatomical exploration of the human brain. You'll find plenty of slides of tissue cross sections, details on numerous brain disorders and diseases, and a primer on neuroimaging.