Morton I. Hyson, M.D., P.C.

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701 Shadow Lane #170
Las Vegas, NV

p: 702.387.1757
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Our clinic is a full-service facility with state-of-the-art equipment. Our professional staff members can help you prepare for your first appointment by helping you obtain the necessary paperwork and medical history in order so that we can better serve you in the most helpful manner.

Office Mailing Address:
    701 Shadow Lane #170
    Las Vegas, Nevada
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  • (702) 387-1757
  • (702) 387-2006 (Fax)
General Office Policy:

Appointments are made by calling the office, (702) 387-1757.

First Appointments
On the first visit there will be a few forms to complete. Aside from the demographic information, a brief medical history will be taken. Research information is also recorded at this time to help in the study of patient outcomes from various forms of intervention. The information, as well as the entire medical record, is considered confidential.

Follow-up Appointments
Follow-up appointments usually require much less time than first appointments. Their purpose is to evaluate results of treatment or occasionally to review results of tests or studies obtained. The patient should try to return at the interval previously specified by Dr. Hyson unless there is a significant change or problem that warrants earlier review. If there is an emergency or a rapidly worsening problem do not wait for an appointment. Go to an emergency room for evaluation and ask them to contact Dr. Hyson.

Please try to give as early notice as possible for cancellations so that other patients may take advantage of the time slot. Occasionally Dr. Hyson must cancel an office time as a result of emergencies. For this reason it is important to give a phone number where you may be reached so as to avoid unnecessary travel.

Waiting Time
Each patient's time is extremely valuable and no one should be kept waiting. Unfortunately, however, there are significant limitations on our ability to predict exactly how long each patient's visit will take. If a few patients run over the predicted time, it then makes all other appointments bebind schedule. In addition, emergencies or unanticipated problems can put the schedule behind. Our policy is to never rush a patient and to be as thorough as possible. However, this sometimes means a delay in the schedule resulting in waiting time. Dr. Hyson apologizes in advance for any delay in seeing you.